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An impressive credit score will make your life a lot easier. Besides securing loans, getting a house, a job, promotion, and paying utility bills requires a great credit score. While achieving a good credit score is not so easy to come by, maintaining it is not in the least easy. Imagine how messed up you feel whenever you remember you have a poor credit score. How helpless? You may not even bother about the things that matter to you anymore simply because your credit score makes it a dream.

A life event may be responsible for your current credit score. It is also possible that you do not fancy the idea of credit cards altogether. It does not matter whether you are just starting to build or you are trying to maintain good credit. The important thing is that excellent credit will soothe your financial pains, and achieving it is worth the effort.

While many consumers know about the importance of a good credit score, a larger number are do not know well enough to discern that Federal laws guiding consumers are in their favor. If they did, they would surely take statute based actions to ensure results. The US Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to contact the credit bureaus to verify any less than 100% accurate item on their credit file. The act also gives the bureaus 30 days to respond to such complaints or accept that customer’s claim is true. When consumers can get in touch with the bureaus, the time required to complete the verification may be more than the average consumer is willing to wait.

At Iconic Credit Services, we understand that preparing your credit profile will boost your confidence to pursue your dreams and achieve your desired goals. Experts recommend not less than three positive active trade lines. These lines could be any form of loans reporting to auto, home, or student credit bureaus. You should set up a revolving credit or credit card from a secured provider and maintain not less than two major credit cards. When you have these cards, you must not leave the card idle beyond six months. Our experienced credit professionals at Iconic Credit Services will help you keep your credit balances below 20% of your credit limit. Since bureaus calculate 30% of your credit score based on your credit balance, we make sure that your balance is between 0 and 20% of your credit limit. It is an excellent strategy that is sure to keep our customers on a safer side.

Quick payment of bills can negatively affect your credit scores, and sticking to revolving credit, however fast, is not always the best recovery or maintenance path. At Iconic Credit Services, we will guide you towards creating a combination of credit types like revolving and installment credit. Doing this will add an extra 10% to your credit score.

Correcting your credit profile in compliance with Federal laws is achievable. We will help you reconcile the errors on your credit reports and improve your credit scores in a way you have never imagined. You may notice a precipitous drop in your credit scores if you keep your balance above the 30% threshold. The good news is–we will guide you towards paying your balance down. Our expert team has over 20 years of successful experience in credit advising. With Iconic Credit Service getting a good credit score doesn’t get simpler.

Are you ready to act now? We are happy to put a smile on your face by helping you get a good credit score as fast as possible. All of us at Iconic credit services are committed to making a difference. We know how overwhelming it can be when you are looking to increase your credit score. As soon as you come to Iconic Credit Services, our team takes charge leaving less of a burden to you. You sure have a part to play in getting a good credit score, but we will make that a lot easier. We offer some of the most brilliant credit repair services in the United States. At Iconic Credit Services, the best is not just what we stand for. It is what we are.

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We will assign a personal case advisor to you as soon as you become an Iconic Credit Services client. You will work directly with your Case Advisor to resolve your credit issues.



Interpreting a credit report is tasking. We continue to provide our customers with up-to-date information about credit repair and credit consultation services.



We open up new opportunities for our customers. We offer a range of programs that cater to credit needs perfectly.



Although Iconic Credit Services is an industry leader, we charge affordable rates for quality services. We want everyone to come to us when they have credit issues. We offer excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology.

60-Day Guarantee

We want you to achieve your credit goals. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on our services. Here is the thing. The results of credit disputes are often unpredictable. With Iconic Credit Services, you can rest assured that we always got your back. Our 60 Day Guarantee is the only condition-free guarantee in the industry. If you are not happy with the first 60 days of the chosen program, we will refund your money in full.

Our goal at Iconic Credit Services is to enhance our clients’ credit profiles, educating them on maintaining high credit scores in the process. We want to help you build and strengthen your financial future.

Our Mission

Iconic Credit Services’ mission is to deliver excellent consultation services while keeping our customers up-to-date with information about their credit status. The company offers breakthrough credit services for everyone supplying consumers with the tools they need to uplift their financial future! We imagine a platform capable of supporting consumers in upholding their rights to question inaccuracies on their credit profile. In the end, Iconic Credit Services hopes to strengthen consumers’ credit profiles.

Our Vision

We see Iconic Credit Services as an important brand and symbol of quality in providing all-around client-centered services. From credit repair to financial education and consumer credit support platform. Iconic services will provide all-inclusive services for consumers and clients at all times. We deploy a customer-focused approach to accomplish our goals. Our services stand on important themes like business orientation, problem-solving aptitude, customer needs, attention, and professionalism.